What difference vs dating apps ?

iicontact reconnects two people who have crossed paths in real life and between whom something clicked (in real life). Whereas a dating app connects online two people who have liked their profiles online.

3 main differentiators :

Do I need to create a personal profile or provide personally identifiable data?

No personal profile is needed. No personally identifiable information (PII) is required. Only non identifiable characteristics are needed, e.g female, male, long hair, short hair, etc

Will my search be published?

iicontact doesn’t publish any search. All searches are managed directly by iicontact algorithms.

How can I make sure that she/he is the right person?

iicontact reconnects two searches if the location, the date and the descriptive characteristics correlate.

The algorithms of iicontact are designed to ensure 99% reliability.

If you want to double check, all you have to do is ask one or two check questions to this person when starting the chat.

Also, in case the algorithms receive several searches that correlate with a given search, the persons involved will automatically be asked to provide further details via the free form text field.

How long is my search stored?

A search is stored until it correlates with another search. According to neuroscientists eye contacts can be remembered weeks and months after it occured.

Can I be sure I can reconnect with this person?

A reconnection occurs when two individuals are mutually willing to connect and when they both make a search via iicontact.

What if, once reconnected, I don’t feel comfortable with this person?

You can just delete the chat channel and the other person will not be able to reconnect anymore.

It’s my own interest to have as many people as possible aware of iicontact around me!

Absolutely, let’s spread the word!

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